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SW Polk Responds to Barn Fire on Salt Creek Road

The newly constructed Salt Creek Community Fire Station demonstrated its value on Monday, as crews were able to quickly respond to a barn fire on Salt Creek Road and save surrounding structures. The barn fire occurred at around 5:30 pm on Monday, April 18th. Immediately upon responding, crews were able to see a heavy column of black smoke and quickly request additional help. Crews arrived at a completely engulfed barn fire, with flames visible through the roof. The initial crew quickly began extinguishing the fire and protecting surrounding structures and cattle as the family were removing them from the burning barn. As more crews arrived from neighboring districts, the fire was extinguished while saving an RV, fuel tank, and adjacent buildings. No injuries were reported, and no animals were harmed. The crews from SW Polk included a total of seven firefighters providing three fire engines. An additional 15 firefighters were provided by Amity, Dallas, Polk 1, and Sheridan Fire Districts. Traffic control was provided by Polk County Sheriff. Because staff are on-duty 24/7 in the Salt Creek Community Fire Station, they were able to respond in mere minutes. The SW Polk Fire District Board of Directors has filed a levy for voters to consider, on the May 17th ballot, in order to provide the same level of service from the Bridgeport Community Fire Station. 

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