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ISO Rating Guide

Insurance Services Office (ISO) Guide for

SW Polk Fire District

In August 2022, SW Polk Fire District went through an Insurance Services (ISO) survey, recognizing our three new fire stations. Many insurance companies use ISO ratings to determine property fire insurance premiums. With the recognition of the new stations, some citizens may be eligible for lower fire insurance premiums. SW Polk encourages its citiznes to contact their insurance carrier to determine if there is an individual premium savings. This webpage contains further ISO rating and insurance information. 

Official ISO Rating Documents:

Public Protection Classification LetterPublic Protection Classification Summary Report

Dear Insurance Representative,

In an effort to service our customers, the SW Polk Fire District has created this guide to help you. Typically, the Insurance Representative needs to answer two questions: 1) Which fire service protects my client’s property, and 2) What is the ISO Class Rating for my client’s property? This guide is designed to make it possible for you to use Polk County websites to obtain these answers.


To determine which agency provides a property’s fire services to a property, please go to Polk County, Oregon WebMaps ( Enter the address in the “Search” box, click on your address from the drop-down menu and press enter, then click on the tax lot. This will bring up a window with the option to click “Appraisal Report”, which will open the overview in a new tab, and scroll to “City, School Districts, and Fire Districts” section. Your fire department or Fire district will be listed as SOUTHWEST RFPD. If you do not have any of these fire districts listed on the tax statement, please contact the fire district you reside in. Most fire departments are associated with the City that governs them. For example, Falls City Fire Department is governed by the City of Falls City. 


Please log onto Google Maps ( to determine the distance between your client’s property and the nearest station in road miles using the nearest street address of one of the following of our stations:

·       SW Polk Fire District Bridgeport Station, 6040 S Kings Valley Hwy, Dallas, OR 97338

·       SW Polk Fire District Rickreall Station, 9105 Rickreall Road, Rickreall, OR 97371

·       SW Polk Fire District Salt Creek Station, 15455 Salt Creek Road, Rickreall, OR 97338

You may also use the station address of the following mutual aid agencies:

·       Amity Fire Department, 10820 Bethel Rd. Amity, OR 97101

·       Dallas Fire Station, 915 SE Shelton St. Dallas, OR 97338

·       Falls City Fire Department, 320 N Main St. Falls City, OR 97344

·       Polk Fire District #1

  • Station 90 1800 Monmouth St, Inde​​pendence, OR 97351
  • Station 80 14775 Airlie Rd, MonmouthOR97361
  • Station 70 2485 S Kings Valley Hwy, Monmouth, OR 97361

·       Salem Fire Department Station 5, 1520 Glen Creek Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304


Contact the water district or property owner to determine the location of nearest fire hydrant. Contact information for local water agencies is as follows: City of Dallas Public Works (503-623-3555), Lukiamute Domestic Water Co-op (503-838-2075), City of Falls City (503-798-3433), Rickreall Community Water Association (503-623-2016), Perrydale Domestic Water Association (503-835-7221),


• Within 5 Road Miles of Nearest Station and Within 1,000 Feet of a Fire Hydrant or Alternative Water Supply ........... 5

• Beyond 5 Road Miles..................................................................................................................................................... 10

You may obtain ISO Property Class Ratings by calling ISO direct at 1-800-888-4476.