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Ken Gardner

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Ken Gardner accepted a position on the SW Board in 1961. His father, Wiley Gardner, was one of the organizers of the SW Polk Fire District. Ken has lived in the same house right outside of Dallas “since forever” as he states. His great grandfather bought the property in 1844, and Ken has lived on it since birth. Ken has had the opportunity to farm for a living, which he enjoys very much. He says that he loves being able to live out in the country, and feels lucky that he has been able to do what he likes as a career. Ken has been a member of several organizations through his lifetime. Some include an electric co-op, Consumers Power, which he previously was the Secretary/ Treasurer for. He was also on the Polk County Park and Recreation Board which no longer exists. In addition, he has been involved in many other farm related organizations. Ken is married to Mary Lou Gardner, celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary this month.