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About Us

Our Mission

We protect our communities from the adverse effects of fire and medical emergencies, and other hazardous situations.

Our Vision

In addition to understanding its purpose and reason for existence, all successful organizations need to define where they expect to be in the future. After having established the organization’s mission the next logical step is to establish a vision of what the Dallas Fire & EMS Department and Southwestern Polk Rural Fire Protection District should be and achieve in the future. Vision statements provide targets of excellence that the organization will strive towards and provide a basis for their goals and objectives. The following vision statements were developed for the Dallas Fire & EMS Department and Southwestern Polk Rural Fire Protection District.

We will:

 be respected and respectful in our community and membership

 engage in collaborative decision making

 adopt techniques and technologies to be an industry leader

 be proactive with community emergency preparedness  be a leading resource for community safety and education

 be financially stable and fiscally responsible

 be committed to the professional development of our members

 anticipate and provide the resources that reflect the diverse needs of our community

 have strong partnerships in the community and industry

Our Values

We hold ourselves accountable to these values: Sense of community We believe we have a duty to enhance livability and be a positive presence in the community. Professional excellence and behavior We strive for constant improvement to better serve the community and each other. We will be courteous, respectful, and caring. Integrity We are committed to honest and ethical behavior. Teamwork We believe positive teamwork and shared leadership are integral to our organization. We will seek out and value the opinions of our members. Selflessness We will put the needs of others above and before ourselves while delivering service without recklessness. We will not work for recognition but rather will do work worthy of recognition.

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